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Independent Fiduciary Services & Consulting

REFS offers a range of independent fiduciary and consulting services, which are tailored to each client’s specific needs and objectives. REFS can support clients on a project basis, focusing on a specific short-term project, or it can serve as an adjunct to the dedicated “in-house” real estate team. REFS takes an active, hands-on role, working collaboratively with internal staff. As an independent fiduciary and partner in a client’s success, all strategies are based on clearly defined, measurable goals.

Independent Fiduciary Services

Independent fiduciary services are provided to alleviate parties-in-interest conflicts and to address investment matters such as:

  • Acquisition due diligence on managers, funds and assets
  • Transitioning from one manager to another
  • Selling of assets in one fund to another under the same management
  • Asset management matters such as strategic planning, including hold/sell analysis.

Independent Fiduciary Assignments

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Consulting Services

REFS provides tailored consulting services for clients who need seasoned senior people to provide “fresh eyes” and/or otherwise desire an extension to internal resources. REFS is particularly skilled at devising practical solutions to take advantage of changing economic or market conditions. Because REFS is comprised of seasoned industry professionals, it is able to provide consulting and asset management services on a wide range of topics. Recent assignments have included

  • Improving a cash management system
  • Streamlining a reporting process (standardizing formats and improving timing)
  • Providing counsel on whether to keep or dispose of an asset, and whether to retain or replace a manager
  • Market studies of farmland management fees
  • Review of private equity investment management fees

Consulting Assignments

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