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What We Do

REFS independent fiduciary services provide each client with a dedicated, experienced advocate who is focused on protecting the client’s interests. Situations that can call for an independent fiduciary include sales transaction management to resolve parties-in-interest conflicts, transition management, due diligence services and asset management support.

REFS offers a range of independent fiduciary services, which are tailored to each client’s specific needs and objectives. REFS can support clients on a project basis, focusing on a specific short-term project, or it can serve as an adjunct to the dedicated “in-house” real estate team. REFS takes an active, hands-on role, collaborating with internal staff. As an independent fiduciary and partner in a client’s success, all strategies are based on clearly defined, measurable goals.

Independent Fiduciary Services

  • Investment Management—Independent fiduciary services representing limited partners or club investors in working with general partners. REFS appointment allows limited partners to balance the desire for unbiased information, participation in fund or club decision processes and general partner monitoring, while effectively meeting fiduciary responsibilities. 
  • Transaction-focused—Independent fiduciary services are provided to alleviate parties-in-interest conflicts and to address other matters—such as contribution of assets into a new account or fund, introduction of a new investor, transitioning from one manager to another, selling of assets in one fund to another under the same management, or providing investment due diligence services—where the skills and perspective of an independent fiduciary are required. 
  • Asset Management—REFS provides tailored asset management services and support when our client may need seasoned senior people to focus on circumstances in need of “fresh eyes” and/or to augment internal resources. REFS is particularly adept at devising practical solutions to take advantage of changing economic or market conditions. REFS can oversee many aspects of portfolio management, including workouts and restructurings, implementing investment/recovery strategies, as well as managing and monitoring the acquired assets and developing and overseeing the investment plan. 

Whether providing episodic or on-going fiduciary services, REFS always collaborates with the client and assumes an active role in the decision-making process, including implementation where appropriate. 

New Jersey Fiduciary Services
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